Here's a summary of the equipment I use and the team I've got around me. Besides my caddy Janni Basson (see photo), I have four coaches who assist me in the different aspects of the game.

Tom o’Mahoney is coaching my technique. Alan Fine is taking care of the mental part. And my put coach, Paul Hurrion, purely focuses on my putting.






Taylor Made rac MB irons (2 t/m pw)
Shaft : dynamic gold Super Light
(½" verlengd, swing weight D5)
Taylor Made R7 series 7.5 º
shaft: Fukikura RE AX 65 TP stiff, swing weight: D2
Taylor Made tour rescue (Japans model)
shaft: Grafalloy pro launch S, swing weight: D2
Cleveland reg 588 (gunmetal finish) sw 54º, lw 57½º
shaft: dynamic gold S300 Super Light (½" verlengd)
swing weight: D5 - D7
Ping Darby Redwood of Odyssey 2-ball white hot

Tom O'Mahoney
Born in Clonmil, Ireland on the 11th of November, 1945. Tom played the European Tour for 3 years and concentrated afterwards on instructing. At Walton Heath golf club, Henry Busson (a famous former club maker and a former Ryder Cup player) taught Tom the subtleties of instructing. He is an instructor for over 30 years now at Noordwijk and for over 15 years he is head swing coach of the Dutch Golf Federation.

Since 1989 (when I joined the junior Dutch team), I was taught by Tom and we see each other on a regular basis to check my swing. The winter season leaves more room to work together intensively on minor enhancements.

Tom’s vision is without any doubt unique. Over the years I have learned a lot on the swing and its set-up. Tom’s strength lies in his ability to pass the message in different ways, allowing me to enhance my swing in my own way.

A nice example occurred at the Dutch championships of 1996 at Hoge Kleij. The day before the tournament I started to hook my balls (left). Immediately I went to see Tom to ask his advice on the problem. I hit 5 balls in total, Tom wished me good luck and left. Four days later I became Dutch champion with –11, still the best score after four rounds in Dutch amateur golf.

Alan Fine
Finy as most people call him is originaly from Wales, but the last ten years he has lived in Salt Lake City in Amerika.

In his early days he was totally involved in Tennis and was working/coaching for the British tennis association, including the Davis Cup team. Than he got involved in the game of golf and had great succes with David Feherty in the nineties.

As Alan moved to the States he stopped working with his players in Europe to concentrate on his new business which he was setting up in the States. But as players in Europe asked him to come back again on tour he now travels regularly between the States and Europe to accompany us to about five tournaments a year.

Outside those tournaments I speak with him on the phone on a weekly basis. Alan has helped me a lot to strenghten my focus and to become more an stable person on and of the golfcourse.

Paul Hurrion
After years of working with puttingguru Harold Swash, I got to know Dr. Paul Hurrion through Padraig Harrington. Paul's biomechanical and comprehensive technical approach to putting, the game within a game, is really unique. The use of cameras, computer and analysis software, together with Paul's knowledge shows faults the human eye can't see. Paul Hurrion continues the solid foundation Harold Swash taught me over the past few years.

The Quintic hi-tech Putting Laboratory of Dr. Paul Hurrion in Birmingham is constantly developing and has been already beneficial to many European Tour Golfers including Padraig Harrington, Paul McGinley, Lee Westwood enRory McIlroy.