Looking forward to National (22-6-2005)

This week we play the French Open and as for the last few years it will be held at Golf National. A place I am very familiar with. The first time I played here was with the world amateur championships in 1996 (together with Lafeber, Vogel and Germes). We finished at a respectable 8th spot. Up to today the best finish in Dutch Golf. (Hopelfully this will be broken soon though)

I have always enjoyed coming here in Versailles and used Golf National always as a great preparation for the Qualifying Schools in the past. The last few years I have had decent finishes here with two top 25's.

This year the course looks a little easier regarding the rough but with the hot temperatures and the sun shining all day the greens could be a major difficulty. They are already quite quick but I can see them like US Open greens especially when the weather continues like this.

Tomorrow I will tee of early at 7.50 and friday at 12.50 

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